JobShark - Recruitment ads from software industry in Romania
14 Jun 2017

JobShark is a web site hosting recruitment ads from the software industry, posted by users or companies. It is a proprietary website of Arnia Software.

The website has few and easy to use functionalities, which makes it different to other similar recruiting websites. It is free to use and it has a reward points working based on shares on social networks. You can apply with your linkedin profile, upload your own CV or create one in the JobShark format.

We are trying to create a unified platform for the IT human resources in Romania. Romania is leading Europe in technology workers per capita and ranks in the top 10 globally in number of certified IT specialists  95,000, about half of whom are software developers. And almost 90 percent of Romanias IT professionals speak English. Romania Association of Software and IT Services expects to triple Romania IT workforce by 2020.