Over the years, we have engaged in many important open source projects. Probably the most well-known open source project we have been engaged in continuously for the last 8+ years is CUBRID.

CUBRID is a relational database management system that successfully competes with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and other similar open source products.
Every piece of the puzzle in the CUBRID world is open source:
  • The database engine
  • The database drivers
  • Supporting applications
  • Tutorials and demos
Our software engineers have been part of:
  • The CUBRID database engine core development
  • The development of the CUBRID database drivers:
    • ADO.NET
    • OLEDB
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • PHP
    • JDBC
  • The development of CUBRID support applications
Cubrid provides powerful features such as object oriented database elements relations, data sharding, high performance data caching and extendible globalization support.