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Our personnel turnover
rate during last 12 months

45,000 +
Strong certified workforce
available to Arnia Software
as a major IT employer

1 million +
The number of hours of
coding done for our
clients until now

10 days
The average time it takes us
to set up the core of
your new team
Our main areas of expertise covers: Web applications, Web design, Mobile applications, Database management systems, Big data solutions, Multi-tier architectures, Cloud-enabled solutions, E-Commerce solutions, Content Management Systems, Business Intelligence and R&D.

Our development team in Romania includes top software developers (experts): .Net Developers, Java Developers, web designers, web developers, app developers, Windows developers, front-end and back-end developers.

Many of our projects are targeting the development of web applications and web solutions. These web projects are using a large variety of platforms, tools, programming languages and frameworks. As a web application company we are offering top quality web application development.

Our solution

We have delivered a product with multiple user interfaces via both web and mobile. All serviced are supported by a single set of RESTful web services. The system delivered high availability, zero downtime during maintenance and releases, and PCI DSS compliance.

The feature included:
  • issuing prepaid cards
  • tracking and reporting on transactions
  • managing expense limits
  • monitoring/approval by the accounting departments
  • fully PCI compliant storage of all credit card information
  • manage the transactions, the balances, accept/decline authorizations
  • payments and virtual-cards

Dedicated team

This engagement model is used for many nearshore projects, when the business needs a dedicated team which has to be managed by the client.

The client will decide how the team allocation on tasks is done, what is the project methodology to be used and the planning of the work. The client will also be involved in deciding the team composition. We recommend to use this model for longer term needs (9+ months).

Onsite team

We can engage in accommodating our specialists at the client’s premises.

This means that we will send our team/our personnel at the client’s designated locations to perform the project activities.

Many times we send people on-site at the beginning and at the closure of the projects to facilitate the knowledge transfer, the estimations, the planning and the handoff.

Time & material

It is recommended to use this engagement model when the projects specifications are changed frequently and/or the volume of the resources allocated varies significantly during the project lifecycle.

It is an engagement model that provides flexible options to the clients to respond to significant changes in the project scope.

Some of our clients

beautiful people

Some of the technologies we use

Cross-platform and native mobile
Cloud Technologies