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Scrum Master

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Job description

Coordinate sprint planning, daily stand-up and all other scrum rituals (backlog grooming, estimation, retrospectives, release planning, burndown, internal releases etc).

Job responsibilities

- Facilitate project communication between the product owner and the project team
- Remove impediments that might prevent the project team from completing tasks
- Ensure that the project team stays focused on the most important tasks
- Ensure that the project team is practicing test-driven development and continuous quality assurance to facilitate delivery of a potentially shippable product increment during each sprint
- Support the product owner in determining if the product backlog is a manageable size and tracking the progression of sprints
- Assessing the Scrum Maturity of the team and organization and coaching the team to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization
- Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example.

Job requirement

- University degree in Computer Science
- at least 5 years professional experience in Software Development, Project Management, Software Testing
- Knowledge of numerous well-documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: numerous Burndown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs etc.)
- Knowledge and/or experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, TDD;
- Scrum Master certification
Other skills required:
- problem solving
- decision making
- excellent communication
- IT Troubleshooting
- planning & organizing
- adaptability
- building organizational talent & trusting relationships
- fluency in English language
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  • competitive compensation packages
  • flexible working hours
  • job rotation
  • performance bonuses
  • learning through Arnia Academy
  • attractive projects
  • medical benefits
  • trainings
  • international work experience
  • referral program