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08 May

On the Other Side of Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development innovation and value benefits

Nearshoring is so much more than cost cutting and shorter flights between locations. It's about differentiating a set of unique business and technical skills, about bringing value and innovation and about growing and standing out of the crowd in this ever-changing domain. 

25 Apr

Why Use Managed IT Services?

managed IT services benefits

Outsourcing can save both money and also reduce the risks associated with having an IT support team in-house. Also, using a managed service approach can help your company benefit from the experience and the technological skills of your provider's team.

12 Apr

Outsourcing is more than just cutting costs

Outsourcing is more than just cutting costs

Outsourcing is no longer just a merely business tactic to cut costs, but it's a system that allows companies access state-of-the art technologies, save time, focus on what really is important and increase efficiency.

18 Mar

Avoid these mistakes when outsourcing your software projects

software outsourcing mistakes

Choosing to outsource is not easy, choosing the right partner to do the job is not an easy task as well, but when done for the good reasons, outsourcing can help you streamline your business operations and take your business to the next level.

04 Mar

Technology helps banks stay ahead

technology in banking

New technologies adapted both to the businesses' and customers' needs are transforming banking as we know it. New opportunities and challenges are on the rise for financial institutions and technology is the one that helps us stay at the forefront of innovation.

25 Feb

Trending Technologies at the Base of Intelligent Enterprises

Trending Technologies at the Base of Intelligent Enterprises

Intelligent Enterprises are all about leveraging the new technologies, data, people and infrastructure to reshape the company and provide it with a new vision that will dominate its domain. In order to reach this level, there are those trending technologies that can help us achieve even more than we have thought possible.

16 Jan

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

The time to transform your business with the help of digital transformation is now. From cloud-based infrastructures to big data analytics to dynamic new IT management principles and digital selling techniques that reach customers effortlessly on social media, there are many tools and methods to drive growth in this ever-changing digital revolution.  

07 Jan

Say Hello to Instant Apps

instant apps

Instant Apps combine the best features of native apps and web apps. They deliver the speed and power of a native app, while retaining the ease of use of a web app. They can be available on just about any Android smartphone. Instant apps also come with the significant advantage of sharing, thereby doing away with one big drawback of apps.