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10 Sep

Outsourcing Boosts Innovation

Outsourcing boosts innovation

Today, with the help of technology we can do things that were unheard just a few years ago, like paying with our smartphone and using 3D printers to create different parts of a body. Yet, as technology continues to develop, the scarcest and most valuable resource will be highly talented, innovative people.

21 Aug

Staff Augmentation – Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Staff Augmentation – Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Just as any other talent sourcing efforts, the staff augmentation approach comes with different challenges that we must be aware of. From finding the suitable vendor to the efficient onboarding of your new team members, there are a few measures that you need to take in order to change any challenge into an opportunity.

05 Aug

Nearshore software development facilitates business communication

Nearshore software development facilitates business communication

Nearshoring is not about hiring remote programmers and expect them to do the job. Nearshore software development allows companies and their teams to work with others in close geographical proximity, giving them the advantage of being able to remove barriers to communication. 

15 Jul

Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital transformation roadmap checklist

The digital transformation roadmap represents the plan of changing and coordinating this change throughout the company. Here we are presenting the core elements every digital transformation roadmap should include and, depending on how each company manages its projects, programs and investment decisions.

02 Jul

Nearshore Development Centre Checklist

Nearshore Development Centre Checklist 2019

Having a Nearshore development Centre in place may be the highly favored option to outsourcing or employing a dedicated team in the office. Although setting up an NDC is a challenging task and sometimes lengthy process, which requires a lot of work any many resources, the advantages it brings along are plentiful.

29 May

Digital Transformation Starts with People, Not Technology

Digital Transformation Starts with People, Not Technology

Becoming a digital company is more about becoming a connected company. Think of it as a journey which you don't take alone and for which there is no finish line. As we are talking about technology, we know that when it comes to technology, the only constant is change.  

08 May

On the Other Side of Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development innovation and value benefits

Nearshoring is so much more than cost cutting and shorter flights between locations. It's about differentiating a set of unique business and technical skills, about bringing value and innovation and about growing and standing out of the crowd in this ever-changing domain. 

25 Apr

Why Use Managed IT Services?

managed IT services benefits

Outsourcing can save both money and also reduce the risks associated with having an IT support team in-house. Also, using a managed service approach can help your company benefit from the experience and the technological skills of your provider's team.