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16 Apr

Top 7 advantages of bespoke software development

bespoke software development services

Bespoke software offers a variety of benefits over the off-the-shelf software, especially in customization, scalability and security. It is easily integrated with other systems, it's perfectly adapted with the current working methods and it offers no limitations in comparison with existing off-the-shelf software solutions.

29 Mar

8 reasons you should outsource your mobile app development to Romania

mobile app development outsourcing to romania

In terms of mobile app development capabilities, availability of resources and results delivery, Romania is one of the best possible choices where a company should outsource its mobile app development projects. Romania has rightfully gained and kept its position as a preferred software development outsourcing country.

19 Mar

Why you should invest in mobile app development

mobile app development

From shopping to learning, from traveling to business, apps are there for us and the mobile app market continues to expand day by day. They have taken over on every possible area of our life and nowadays is crucial for any business to have a mobile app supporting its products and services.

09 Mar

Choosing the right software outsourcing partner

IT Outsourcing is great. It boosts productivity, it decreases the time to market, it reduces costs and it helps you stay on top of your competition. But between the decision to outsource your project and starting the actual implementation you have to take the road of choosing the suitable outsourcing partner.

27 Feb

Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore?

Onshore, Nearshore or Offshore?

Depending on location, outsourcing can be onshore, nearshore and offshore. In order to avoid communication and cultural barriers, time zone differences and high costs, you have to make a choice. You want to find a partner that can provide you with great talent, expert solutions, easy communication and flexibility.

15 Feb

The 4 Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes

The 4 Biggest Outsourcing Mistakes

Nowadays outsourcing is more about innovation than it is about cutting costs. You can tap into global talent, seize new opportunities and build partnerships. Choosing to outsource is not easy and neither is choosing the right partner, but when done for the good reasons, outsourcing can help you streamline your business operations and take your business to the next level.

22 Jan

Nearshoring to Romania

Nearshoring to Romania

Romania has been for some years now the preferred country for software development nearshoring in Europe, due to many factors ranging from the immense pool of talent and access to the latest technologies to the competitive prices and excellent timely delivery. Today, Romania is the no 1 partner for European countries when it comes to nearshoring.

18 Jan

Top 5 reasons to go for outsourcing

Outsourcing Benefits

When it comes to software development, outsourcing is a common practice as it has proved to be a good business strategy, leveraging benefits ranging from cost savings, expert solutions and personnel availability. When choosing an outsourcing partner you have to take into consideration multiple factors like: costs, talent, communication and flexibility among others.