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07 Jan

Say Hello to Instant Apps

instant apps

Instant Apps combine the best features of native apps and web apps. They deliver the speed and power of a native app, while retaining the ease of use of a web app. They can be available on just about any Android smartphone. Instant apps also come with the significant advantage of sharing, thereby doing away with one big drawback of apps.

31 Dec

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

When working with developers in a nearshore location there are numerous best practices your company can utilize to ensure a successful partnership: such as setting clear goals and expectations, choosing to work in and Agile Scrum methodology, defining the key roles and technologies as well as the communication intervals and methodologies.

24 Dec

Mobile App Development Trends and Predictions in 2019

Mobile app development trends and predictions 2019

In today's competitive market, if you want to have a strong presence in your industry and stay on top of your competition. These trends and predictions stand proof for how much traction is being generated in the area of mobile app development. Predictions show that in 2019, the promising technologies we have been watching for several years will get better and stronger.

18 Dec

Staff Augmentation vs. Managed Services

staff augmentation vs managed services

When it comes to software development, supplementing the development needs with external help has been for many years now a common practice, be it by outsourcing or by bringing in additional help. As internal resources are limited, deadlines are short and new skills are required on a short notice, approaching both a staff augmentation and an outsourcing practice is a good business strategy 

03 Dec

How to Approach Nearshore Software Development

nearshore software development

Nearshore software development is a project-based outsourcing model where companies outsource their development needs to IT companies or development teams in neighboring countries, which are adjacent to or are within a close geographical proximity to the company. 

14 Nov

IT Staff Augmentation Solves the Hiring Problem

it staff augmentation services

Staff augmentation, as the term suggests, allows companies big or small, to add skilled professionals to their existing workforce depending on business requirements and budgetary constraints. Some of the main reasons why more and more companies choose to rely on IT staff augmented services are convenience, affordability and efficiency. 

05 Nov

What is Deep Learning and why is it so popular?

deep learning

Deep learning has significantly improved the state-of-the-art for many problems that machine learning and AI community faced for a lot of years. Deep Learning is already used in many industries from automated driving to medical devices.

20 Aug

Digital Transformation is Happening Right Now

digital transformation is happening right now

The time to transform your business with the help of digital transformation is now. Acquire the knowledge you need on emerging digital technologies, understand how your plan will affect the business as well as the end user, leverage data to your advantage, inspire others to move in the right direction, and you will avoid being left behind.