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24 Jul

Scrum vs. Kanban

Scrum vs. Kanban

 Being Agile means being flexible to adapt to changing scenarios, while being able to deliver high-quality software solutions. Both Scrum and Kanban place a high focus on continuous improvement, optimization of the work and of the process, while keeping all team members on the same page.

02 Jul

Finding the perfect mobile app development company

Finding the perfect mobile app development company it's not easy and you want to be thorough with your decision. Choose a company that has a vast experience, impressive portfolio, experienced mobile app developers and good client testimonials. Take your time, do your research and choose the best option.

15 Jun

Bespoke or Off-the-shelf Software?

bespoke or off the shelf software

To build or buy? Well, there's no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on your business' needs, requirements and uniqueness. This question can be daunting but getting informed about the pros and cons of both Bespoke or Off-the-shelf Software can help you choose the solution that best fits your business.

16 May

Best practices in mobile app development

best practices in mobile app development

Developing a mobile app is a great move for businesses that are trying to stay competitive in today's world and with the right strategy in mind, developing a mobile app should be a pleasant process. Having a strategy, planning and designing the app with the final user in mind are the secret ingredients of a successful mobile app.  

16 Apr

Top 7 advantages of bespoke software development

bespoke software development services

Bespoke software offers a variety of benefits over the off-the-shelf software, especially in customization, scalability and security. It is easily integrated with other systems, it's perfectly adapted with the current working methods and it offers no limitations in comparison with existing off-the-shelf software solutions.

29 Mar

8 reasons you should outsource your mobile app development to Romania

mobile app development outsourcing to romania

In terms of mobile app development capabilities, availability of resources and results delivery, Romania is one of the best possible choices where a company should outsource its mobile app development projects. Romania has rightfully gained and kept its position as a preferred software development outsourcing country.

19 Mar

Why you should invest in mobile app development

mobile app development

From shopping to learning, from traveling to business, apps are there for us and the mobile app market continues to expand day by day. They have taken over on every possible area of our life and nowadays is crucial for any business to have a mobile app supporting its products and services.

09 Mar

Choosing the right software outsourcing partner

IT Outsourcing is great. It boosts productivity, it decreases the time to market, it reduces costs and it helps you stay on top of your competition. But between the decision to outsource your project and starting the actual implementation you have to take the road of choosing the suitable outsourcing partner.