Top 6 Reasons Why Romania Still Rocks the Nearshore Landscape

It is clear that we live in the era of the customer, where the latter dictates change and companies must comply, in order to survive and secure their success throughout their business journey. CEOs are also mindful of the matter, and it is for this reason that businesses have begun to choose ...

It is clear that we live in the era of the customer, where the latter dictates change and companies must comply, in order to survive and secure their success throughout their business journey. CEOs are also mindful of the matter, and it is for this reason that businesses have begun to choose quality over price, making collaboration with an experienced and reliable partner, a priority.

When we talk about software development outsourcing, in the context described above, we have to discuss how nearshore enables hiring companies to increase customer satisfaction, once they have found the right outsourcing partner. In this sense, businesses have outlined a top of the most favorable nearshore software development destinations, in which Romania continues to be on pole position and hold its ground for quite a while now.

The country has managed to maintain its place as the preferred nearshore destination for European countries, because of the many advantages that it blesses territories situated in its proximity with. Thus, in the following, we will be making a top of our own, of the most noteworthy reasons why Romania continues to be the hottest software development outsourcing destination, in the eyes of nearby countries.

  1. Unbeatable quality-price ratio

We have already spoken about the importance of customer satisfaction, that is dictating companies’ next moves, but prices cannot be completely overlooked. And Romania offers the best of both worlds; the quality of software development outsourcing services is superior, while costs are considerably lower than any of those you might find in countries situated in Central or Eastern Europe. This makes the country a top choice for neighboring territories that are looking for high-quality nearshore services, at reasonable prices.

  1. Cultural compatibility

Outsourcing to countries close to home does not automatically mean that you will “click” with your vendor; because even though the latter might be familiar with your ways of working and cultural traditions and affinity, a successful collaboration requires more than that. In this sense, hired companies must also be able to adapt, while remote experts must be willing to relate and empathize with clients. And Romanian software development outsourcing companies along with their specialists, are prepared to do just that. The country’s IT experts are well known for their aptitude to easily adjust to situations, for their flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

  1. Excellent talent

We have previously emphasized Romanian specialists’ well-developed soft skills, but their technical expertise is also an important reason why Romania continues to be the preferred software development nearshore destination for European countries. Not only do hiring businesses find the right man for the job, given the diversity in terms of skill sets that Romania displays, but they also have the opportunity to work with specialists who are up to date with the latest technologies. And this comes especially in handy nowadays, where digital transformation is no longer a choice, but rather a requirement.

  1. Experience with global companies

Romanian software development outsourcing companies have gained quite a bit of experience in the last decade, and even more so, since the country has been viewed as a true “outsourcing valley”. Many global businesses have trusted Romania with their projects, and have not been disappointed by their decision. And this is how Romania gained its reputation as a favorable nearshore destination, placing first in the hearts of European countries. The latter acknowledge the importance of collaborating with experienced outsourcing partners, and how this factor can make or break their projects, and realize that hiring specialists who have already worked with global companies, is a benefit that mustn’t be underrated.

  1. Romania is legally friendly

Romania’s government has been supporting the IT industry through regular investments and the adoption of several regulations and tax exemptions, that have contributed to the industry’s steady growth. On top of this, Romania’s friendly legal framework, is also a result of the country’s membership in the European Union, and of the fact that it has implemented GDPR measures, making partnerships with the country’s outsourcing companies even more appealing. Consequently, foreign investors have also chosen Romania, making serious investments that have boosted the IT industry even more.

  1. No risks, your data is safe

Besides the GDPR measures that we have spoken about earlier, Romania has also adopted an EU directive on privacy and electronic communications, that further protects foreign companies’ data. Moreover, the country’s outsourcing companies are well-prepared in case of any data-related issues, making data security one of their top priorities. They can respond quickly and efficiently, and offer businesses the assistance they need, no matter the troubles they’re facing.


European countries have placed Romania on the top of their list, when it comes to software development nearshore destinations, and they are fully entitled to do so. The country’s friendly legal framework, amazing specialists, and attractive rates, are elements that companies are looking for the most, when choosing their vendor, and Romania has got it all. These benefits that the country offers, assist hiring businesses in delivering high quality products, and therefore, keeping their customers happy.

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