Education and eLearning

Education and eLearning

Educational institutions, as well as business that have a training component face different problems and shortage of resources. In order to control costs and to have a clear situation of the learning process, leaders are looking at alternative software systems to support the new educational challenges. They need to support a large number of students while providing them a better than before system.

The use of technology in the educational sector has led to schools and companies utilizing e-books, e-learning classes, and different types of digital media for educational purposes. The education sector is now looking at continuing its growth with greater interactive content, and personalized eLearning solutions.

Education and eLearning

Here, at Arnia, we are transforming the education and eLearning industry by providing advanced level learning management solutions based on latest technologies. We develop innovative and yet simple to use eLearning software solutions aimed at covering all the eLearning needs. We deliver our solutions easy to use, complete and powerful, and mobile ready.

The eLearning projects that we deliver have as main features:

  • A system structured on organizations, in a pyramidal way, formed by departments, each with his own manager
  • The managers have the role of initiating reports for evaluating members
  • Evaluations are filled in by peers in 360 degrees way
  • A ranking system is in place based on the evaluation that it is visible by both the evaluator and the evaluate

Our expertise

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online Training Software
  • Mobile Educational Apps
  • Corporate eLearning Solutions
  • Interactive Education Platforms
  • Video streaming and social applications
  • Real Time Communication
  • Data analytics
  • Enterprise technology services
  • Custom Software Development

Our offering

  • Excellent engineering services
  • Security expertise
  • Real-time applications
  • Process optimization
  • Support