Database Management Systems

Over the past years, we have gained a very strong expertise in using database management systems like:

…and NoSQL database engines: MariaDB, MongoDB.

Our early involvement with the CUBRID open source database development helped us to build a strong software engineering team with expertise in the inner core implementations of the relational database systems. We have a dedicated team of 10+ senior software development engineers who is working full-time on the CUBRID engine core developments. This team has developed many key CUBRID features and takes proud in releasing on periodical basis one of the best open source database engine worldwide.

We have expertise in:

  • Databases administration
  • Databases design
  • Synchronization tools and frameworks
  • Backup & restore policies
  • Performance optimization
  • High-availability design and implementation

Our C/C++ services include:

  • Custom software/application development
  • Upgrading of existing C/C++ application
  • QA of C/C++ applications
  • C/C++ support and maintenance
  • Mobile C/C++ application development
  • C/C++ application enhancement and optimization

Our software engineers have a vast experience when it comes to C/C++ development and they are always ready to assist and implement new projects.