C/C++ Software Development

Our company has a vast experience with C/C++ software solutions development. We have a team of software engineers who are engaged full-time in development of applications using C/C++, on both Linux and Windows platforms. For example, CUBRID, the open source relational database we are supporting and developing features for, is entirely developed in C/C++.

Another examples are the applications we are currently developing for the WebOS platform and the CUBRID OLEDB and PHP database drivers.

Our C/C++ services include:

  • Custom software/application development
  • Upgrading of existing C/C++ application
  • QA of C/C++ applications
  • C/C++ support and maintenance
  • Mobile C/C++ application development
  • C/C++ application enhancement and optimization

Our software engineers have a vast experience when it comes to C/C++ development and they are always ready to assist and implement new projects.