Unity Development

Unity Development

Unity is a cross-platform game engine and it is considered to be the ultimate game development platform. Its vast set of features make it the perfect solution for a variety of projects starting from simple games to complex 3D simulations.

Here, at Arnia, we specialize in the Unity 3D platform as well as game development for a variety of industries and purposes. Our team of skilled senior developers, graphic artists, level designers, modelers and testers are involved in all the processes of game development, allowing us to expand our area of expertise to:

Unity Development
  • engine programming, game programming
  • artwork (concept art, 3D models, textures)
  • creative design
  • level design
  • testing
  • production

Specific to Unity, our development skills are:

  • C#, Unity3D, UniWebView, iOS SDK, Android SDK, HTML/CSS, Javascript frameworks
  • Unity Plugins

Why should you choose Unity for game development?

It’s a leading game development engine – apart from being a game development tool, it can render 2D scenes and create complex 3D environments.

It’s cross-platform – it supports running on almost all 3D desktop and mobile platforms, game consoles and web.

AR/VR development – cross-platform AR/VR development is easier with Unity and the usage of AR/VR technology is popular between different industries. Unity makes AR/VR development easy and reliable.

Rich graphical features – the platform provides a variety of graphical features for selecting different types of lighting, materials, textures and the development can be accelerated with the asset store where you can find many ready-made artworks, scripts, visual programming solutions, editor extensions, and more.

Our developers have experience with:

  • rendering (DirectX, OpenGL, pixel and vertex shaders)
  • physics (collisions, particle systems, fluid simulation, physics on GPU)
  • AI (pathfinding, scripted AI)
  • animation (skinning, procedural animation, facial animation)
  • audio engine programming (3D audio, streaming)
  • gameplay programming (Lua, C#, Javascript)
  • network programming and online services
  • tools (plugins for 3D asset optimization, scene editing, sound tools)

Arnia’s expertise in mobile and web game development in general includes technologies such as:

  • Android SDK, iOS SDK, HTML5
  • OpenGL ES, OpenAL, OpenSL
  • LLVM, jsc (JavascriptCore), v8 JavaScript Engine
  • box2D, alure, libogg, libvorbis, freetype, libktx, libjpeg, libpng, zlib, libcurl
  • MFC, Qt
  • CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework), Chrome Debugging Protocol, Chrome libraries
  • Googletest, Jenkins CI, JIRA

Hire your team of skilled Unity developers to build exciting cross-platform games!

We employ some of the best people in the field, as a number of our specialists are credited for development and artwork in top AAA games. We also have a successful track record of launching games for our customers, our own demos and Arnia games.