Nearshore Development Centre

The benefits of establishing a nearshore development centre are unmatched. We possess the necessary resources and expertise to seamlessly create and manage a dedicated nearshore team, perfectly tailored to meet your project requirements.

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Working with a development team that is in the same time zone

Nearshore Development Centre

The Nearshore Development Centre follows the similar model of the Offshore Development Centre, the major difference being related to the location of the development centre.

If by Offshore we are talking about working with companies located in far-away territories in a totally different time zone, where sometimes the time zone difference can be even of 12 hours, with nearshore we work with a development team that is in the same time zone as we are, located in the same geographical area, but not necessarily in the same country.

Setting up a Nearshore Development Centre brings along several advantages related to cost reduction, control and quality of service.

Being able to manage your dedicated team from a similar geographical location and working in the same time zone as your designated team enables you to have greater confidence in this approach rather than following an offshore working model.

So far, we have successfully completed several projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to Forbes 50, and our excellent software development capabilities along with our innovative approach and our excellent team of experienced software engineers recommend us as the preferred software development company in Romania.

Our main area of expertise covers web and mobile applications, web design, big data solutions, database management systems, e-commerce solutions, cloud-enabled solutions, content management solutions, business intelligence and R&D.

Nearshore Development Centre

How can a Nearshore Development Centre benefit your company?

  • Worries related to hiring, training and infrastructure are no longer an issue as your designated service provider will take care of them.
  • You get to access an experienced, highly skilled, well-trained team.
  • The reduced development cycle increases productivity and leads to a faster time to market.
  • No communication barriers due to the same time zone.
  • Lower travel expenses due to geographical proximity.
  • Flexible and round-the-clock working hours according to your own schedule.
  • The Nearshore Development Centre’s transparent process allows you to retain full management control over your team and project.

Establish your Nearshore Development Centre in Romania

Romania is a powerful nearshoring partner for European countries given the technical proficiency, high availability of resources and its strategic position. Years of excellent delivery make Romania keep its position as the number one preferred software development nearshoring partner for European countries.

Arnia Software has consolidated its position as a preferred IT outsourcing company in Romania and Eastern Europe, due to its excellent timely delivery and amazing development team.

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