Open Source

Open Source software

The Open Source paradigm has always been at the heart of our company values – open source is much more than just open source code and free applications, it’s about:

High quality development

Community and Communication

Sharing and Collaboration

Social responsibility

In Arnia, we love to develop high quality software and sharing with the communities worldwide. One of our many areas of expertise and one of our constant approach for software development is reducing the development costs for our clients by using existing open source solutions and open standards. There are many high valuable open source alternatives for commercial products and many times we can build new software on top of the existing community solutions. Well-known examples of great open source applications that we frequently use are MySQL, CUBRID, Joomla, Magento, SugarCRM, PHP, Python, Linux, and Apache.

Open Source software

You can find some of our open source projects on and

If you like these projects, feel free to join them – we always enjoy to get new contributors!