Quality Assurance

The quality of the services we provide is the expression of how they comply to the client’s expectations:

  • Delivery in a timely and efficient manner
  • Act in accordance with the highest applicable professional ethics, principles and standards – demonstrate full commitment to ethical practices.
  • Monitor and improve continuously the quality of our deliverables

The quality of services is defined as clear and measurable project standards, metrics and quality criteria that refers to both the delivered services and to the project lifecycle management, covering:

  • Requirements compliance
  • Deliverables completeness
  • Applicable standards compliance
  • Delivery performance
  • Quality of support and maintenance

Our customers/users are continuously involved in the deliverables validations, to ensure continuous feedback and valuable quality assessments. Our project teams are systematically looking at two key quality criteria:

  • Do the services delivered help the users to achieve their goals?
  • Are the services being delivered in optimal ways which empower the users?

We have well established mature policies and procedures for quality assurance, which are based on the following main activities and best practices:

  • Development and enforcement of the project(s) Quality Assurance Plan, which describes the approach and the strategy we take to ensure the desired deliverables quality.
  • Clear definition of the responsibilities and roles
  • Continuous monitoring, analysis and improvement
  • Early and systematic involvement of the customer in the quality assurance activities
  • Tight integration of the quality assurance procedures and activities with the project management methodology – in particular, with Agile procedures.