Test Automations

A part of the full suite of the test cases defined in a project scope is usually automated. The ratio between automated and manual test cases depends on the project specifics:

  • The solution architecture
  • The solution technologies
  • The resources at disposal
  • Targeted compliance goals with project/organization standards

But the most important criteria is to analyse and maximize the ROI (Return of Investment) for developing test automations. It is a fine balance between the effort invested in developing, maintaining and executing test automations and the benefits gained. Our specialists have many years of experience in developing test automations for all kind of projects and they can assist you with finding the right balance and to suggest the best tools and technologies.

For developing test automations we usually use well-known tools like:

  • Selenium
  • NUnit
  • JUnit
  • NMock
  • MS Test
  • White
  • AutoIt
  • TestNG
  • PHPUnit

but we have also developed and used custom in-house solutions (for example the Java test harness we use for CUBRID).

  • As a general rule, we always treat test code the same way we do with the product code:
  • We set the same high quality bar level
  • The test code is a project deliverable that is handoff to the client, same as the other ones
  • The test code lifecycle follows the same best practices and rules as the product code (reviews, audits, documentation etc.)