How we do Kanban in Arnia

Sometimes Scrum is not the best fit project management approach. The usual reasons for this are:

  • Work cannot be properly planned in advance
  • The Scrum basic principles cannot be followed due to various objective reasons
  • There are too many incoming changes to deal with in the Sprint scope
  • Estimations are hard to be done correctly

In such situations, Kanban may be the most effective approach.
Kanban is set to support continuous delivery with maximum flexibility.
For Kanban we use the following best practices:

  • We organize the project activities into four types of categories:
  • We have daily team meetings, similar with Scrum stand-up meetings, where team members report statuses and issues.
  • While Scrum drives productivity by limiting the work time available in a Sprint,
  • Kanban drives productivity and velocity by limiting the number of active, concurrent issues.
  • Time estimation is no longer part of the project management process.