Our company has a rich expertise in most of the current software technologies, from Microsoft .NET frameworks to Java, from cloud technologies to mobile development, from database management systems to web solutions. This expertise was achieved in more than 10 years of delivering high quality software solutions and services.

Every day we successfully engage in developing and implementing a wide variety of software solutions, such as:

technologies-webapp2.png Web applications, running on LAMP, .NET and Java technologies stacks

technologies-mobapp2.png Mobile applications and mobile games, running on Android, Windows Phone and Apple iOS

technologies-cloud2.png Cloud-enabled applications (using Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud services)

technologies-db2.png Database management systems

technologies-bigdata2.png Big data solutions

technologies-ecomm2.png e-Commerce and Content Management Systems

technologies-enterprise2.png Enterprise multi-tier and multi-platform solutions (distributed systems, integration solutions)

We have highly skilled engineers that have excellent technical knowledge and experience in today’s software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies and we continuously invest in training and education.

And we are much more than just a software development company - we are your trusted and reliable partner and friend! Your success is our success and we fully commit to do our best to help our customers and partners to achieve their goals.

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