Benefits of Big Data and Cloud Solutions in The Gaming Industry

Benefits of Big Data and Cloud Solutions in The Gaming Industry
26 Oct 2022

The global gaming market has thrived like none other in the past few years, and is expected to generate over 200 billion dollars by the end of 2022, and predicted to surpass 300 billion dollars in the next four years. However, along with such great numbers, comes great responsibility, as companies carrying out their activity in the field, have to keep up with gamers’ rising expectations, if they wish to stay competitive in the market. In this dynamic context, in order to reach such objectives, game development companies have turned to disruptive technologies, like big data and cloud computing, which can assist them in upgrading their offering. So, allows to go through the benefits of each of these two emerging technologies, and see why the gaming sector has grown so fond of them.

How does the gaming industry use big data to its advantage?

Benefits of Big Data and Cloud Solutions in The Gaming Industry

The number of gamers is constantly growing and so is the amount of data that they generate, which made it necessary for gaming companies to come up with more advanced ways of turning data into insights; and so they have, by leveraging big data analytics. This technology enables businesses to make use of behavioural data and enhance customer experience, consequently, gaining an edge on their competitors.

But how does big data do it? Well, solutions involving data analytics have helped companies better understand users’ behaviour and preferences and thus take appropriate action regarding their developed games. In this sense, by implementing big data technology, businesses were able to monitor and record gamers’ behaviour, and use this information to give products their final form, with which users were satisfied. Whether they would find that players were struggling with different tasks throughout the games, to the point of getting frustrated, or were feeling that they are not being challenged enough, companies would then be able to make the right decision and tweak gameplay accordingly.

And the benefits of using big data in the gaming world do not end here, as this technology also helps businesses create more effective advertisements, and as a result, increase their revenue. Here, personalization is key, and since big data analytics allows companies to sketch out players’ profiles, displaying personalized ads can be done effortlessly. This way, those playing online or mobile games will not be disturbed by intrusive messages that they have no interest in, but will be provided with appealing ads, much to their liking.     

Perks of adopting cloud solutions in the gaming industry

Implementing cloud solutions has proven to be highly beneficial for both large game development companies, as well as those that have little experience. In this regard, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been enjoying the flexibility and scalability that the cloud comes bundled with, since adopting this technology helps gaming companies avoid issues surrounding higher traffic. The compute and storage resources that cloud platforms provide can be used by businesses in accordance to their needs, so companies will no longer be experiencing difficulties revolving around insufficient server space and bandwidth. And the cloud brings the advantage of cost-efficiency too, as there is no need for gaming companies to invest in new equipment, when planning to expand. Moreover, the pay-as-you-go strategy that cloud solutions include, assists businesses in controlling their expenses.

Another perk of introducing cloud technologies into the game development world is that related to the easy access to games. In this sense, given that there are no limitations when it comes to processing capabilities or graphic or memory capacity, players can access games from any devices, be it laptops, smartphones, tablets or consoles; all they need is an internet connection. Furthermore, gamers can take advantage of the vast library of games, that cloud gaming platforms provide, along with the automated updates they come paired with, that no longer require downloading.


Big data and cloud computing are two of the technologies that have had a significant impact on the gaming industry. While big data analytics helps game development companies understand players’ likes, dislikes and habits better, allowing businesses to use these insights to their advantage, cloud solutions offer increased flexibility, cost reduction perks, and a wider variety of games to users. Together, these technologies have given companies the opportunity to offer their clients unique experiences and superior products, which translates into a competitive advantage that is much sought-after in the current business environment.

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