Healthcare & Life Science

Healthcare & Life Science

Business challenge

The beneficiary of the project specializes in providing the healthcare sector with modern IT solutions and systems implementation expertise. They wanted an integrated resource planning software tool (ERP) to help run the day to day activities.

The healthcare industry requirements are numerous and multifaceted, from human resources to financial management and compliance regulations, patients insurance payment, appointment information, resources required to keep track of employee working hours payments or materials needed.

Healthcare & Life Science

Our beneficiary desired a centralized software tool to keep track for all their internal processes and activities.

Our solution

We have developed an integrated and reliable healthcare ERP solution made to improve efficiency and effectiveness, saving time and money. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution has 4 main areas and multiple features:

  • Employees Management
  • Matching the best employee for one specific task
  • Pool of flexible workers (can be shared between departments on demand)

Agenda and Appointment

  • Assigning duties by planner
  • Agenda, schedule/appointments, availability
  • Self-assigning duties by employee

Capacity Planning

  • Budget and capacity planning (resources provisioning based on scenarios)
  • Optimal planning of the available work-space
  • Child-Care: planning for kids and caretakers taking into account current legislation

Financial Calculation

  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Compensation and succession planning
  • Reporting

Team setup

We embrace Agile methodologies in most of our projects. Many times it is our customers and partners who ask us to use Agile methodologies (Scrum , Kanban) from the inception of the project. When the choice is left to our engineers, we carefully analyze the project specifics, and we propose a project management methodology based on Scrum or Kanban which best fits the specific project needs and context.

We had a core project team of 7 people: 2 backend developers, 3 frontend developer an 2 QAs. They were working in close collaboration with our customer team. As in all of our projects, we worked in an agile and flexible way, and depending on the project stage and necessities more people were relocated to this project.

We had daily scrum meetings with sprints and demo release every two weeks.

Architecture & Technologies


  • Single Page Web App
  • 3 layers (FE, BE, DB)
  • REST + WebSockets
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Integration with multiple external systems


  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Java, Groovy, Vertx
  • Camunda BPM engine
  • PostgreSQL, Liquibase, MyBatis
  • Jasper ETL