Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge – What You Need to Know

Cloud technologies have evolved rapidly in the past few years, and they have the Internet of Things, 5G, and artificial intelligence to thank, for this significant advancement. The increasing volume of data that companies have to process in this day and age, has also played a part in the major ...

Cloud technologies have evolved rapidly in the past few years, and they have the Internet of Things, 5G, and artificial intelligence to thank, for this significant advancement. The increasing volume of data that companies have to process in this day and age, has also played a part in the major changes that the cloud computing scene has undergone, as new and innovative solutions have had to be developed in order to meet more complex needs. Luckily, intelligent cloud and intelligent edge are here to address the requirements of businesses and industry sectors alike, that are dealing with the pressure of digitalization and growing expectations of consumers.

So, let’s take the two concepts, intelligent cloud and intelligent edge, one at a time, and see what they’re all about, how they work and how can their implementation benefit companies and industries.

How does intelligent cloud work?

As its name suggests, intelligent cloud brings together cloud technology and artificial intelligence to create superior solutions for businesses that wish to offer their clients enhanced services and products. The combination of the two technologies also gives rise to AI-powered cloud applications and intelligent cloud platforms, which companies can turn to, without having to acquire additional equipment; such an approach provides businesses with deeper insights, which translate into favourable outcomes and growth opportunities. In contrast to traditional cloud technologies, intelligent cloud manages to solve many issues surrounding data, being able to successfully analyse information and determine data relevancy, and, as a result, making top performing apps a reality.   

How can intelligent cloud help my company?

Apart from the advantages brought by the cloud, among which we must mention scalability, greater storage capacity, and increased security, intelligent cloud blesses those who choose to implement it with much more; intelligent cloud platforms enable multiple devices to share information in real-time, assist businesses in streamlining their processes, and help companies create more personalized experiences for their clients, which, in turn, will be rewarding them with their loyalty. What’s more, intelligent cloud, through platforms and applications, provides businesses with valuable insights, reports, analytics, and real-time feedback, that allows suppliers to better understand consumers’ needs and wants. 

What does intelligent edge mean?

Intelligent edge pertains to analyzing data and creating solutions at the source of data generation. The primary goal of intelligent edge is to enhance business efficiency by decreasing latency, costs, and security risks. Intelligent edge, much like intelligent cloud, brings artificial intelligence into the equation, which enables edge devices, such as sensors or other receivers, to gather, generate, and analyze information almost in real-time. In order to be considered intelligent, an edge device must include computing elements, like processing chips for example, needs to be able to make intelligent decisions, and should successfully manage, transfer or process data, without human assistance. Intelligent edge devices, that are, of course connected to the internet, or to an internal network that is decentralized, are capable of responding in near real-time, in accordance to the data that they collect and process. The innovative technology ultimately aims to empower edge devices to make smart decisions in real-time, processing information “at the edge”, right where the data is initially gathered.

What are some of the benefits of intelligent edge?

Having briefly defined the concept, one of intelligent edge’s perks has become quite obvious, and the benefit that we’re referring to is better security; given that data can be processed at the “edge”, while other information may reside in a shielded edge database, companies are able to offer clients improved security, when it comes to their private information. And it gets better; users are protected against unauthorized access to their information, so they can rest assured that their data is in good hands, and that they will not be dealing with unpleasant events, in the form of data breaches or cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, by integrating intelligent edge, businesses can provide an enhanced, seamless experience to their customers, all as a result of the superior, faster synching between connected edge devices. Issues surrounding latency are thus a thing of the past, thanks to intelligent edge, as processing information becomes faster and significantly more efficient and responsiveness is improved.   

In terms of costs, this approach allows companies to lower their expenses, seeing that intelligent edge does not consume bandwidth, unlike traditional cloud technologies do. What’s more, the automatic analysis of data that intelligent edge entails, helps businesses increase their revenue.

Finally, yet importantly, we must mention another noteworthy advantage that intelligent edge comes bundled with, and that is real-time analytics. As the amount of information is constantly growing and the need for superior solutions surrounding data processing is greater than ever before, intelligent edge manages to address companies’ requirements by providing real-time data processing. And along with these real-time insights, comes the possibility to respond instantly and quickly adjust, advantages that are extremely valuable in this dynamic business environment that companies currently activate in.


The innovative concepts that are intelligent cloud and intelligent edge stand as witnesses to the advancements of cloud technologies, that have come a long way since they were first introduced. Businesses and various industries have already acknowledged the potential of these two solutions and have started to look into how to apply the technologies within their processes. From cost-cutting, to better data management, improved security, and enhanced, more personalized user experiences, intelligent cloud and intelligent edge provide numerous advantages to companies and industry sectors, and open up opportunities for growth.

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