Sustainable Technology and an Enhanced Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand

Sustainable Technology Technological Sustainability and Enhanced Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand
28 Feb 2022

In today’s world, companies are required to constantly make efforts in order to meet the needs of their customers, whose loyalty is increasingly challenging to earn. At the same time, businesses have made finding and implementing sustainable solutions a priority, as concerns for future generations have become greater. So why not try to combine the two missions, and identify those sustainable technologies that drive customer satisfaction?  

As we will be revealing in the following, technological sustainability and an enhanced customer experience go hand in hand, since consumers are becoming more and more educated on the topic, and are taking various aspects into account when choosing products and services. So naturally, the first step that companies have to take, is that which includes gathering as much information as possible regarding their target customer’s preferences, needs, and expectations. This way, not only will businesses be able to adjust their offering in accordance with the knowledge that they have gathered, but will also be minimising waste and will be using their resources more efficiently.

Sustainable Technology Technological Sustainability and Enhanced Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand

Once companies learn about their customers’ needs and wants, they can go ahead and sketch out a strategy, which can allow them to become more environmentally sustainable, while also giving them the opportunity to attract and retain clients. Such a plan implies adopting and integrating a series of technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, energy efficient technologies or smart sensors. But becoming sustainable is not just about implementing clean technologies, it’s about encouraging consumers to embrace sustainable solutions as well. Offering transparency and providing information on how their choices affect the environment, allows for clients to become more aware of the importance of sustainability, contributing to an improved customer experience.

But, getting back to sustainable technologies, and how businesses can benefit from taking more environmentally friendly actions, we must offer some clear examples that illustrate how closely connected clean technologies and a superior customer experience are. When it comes to customer support for instance, sustainable technologies play a great role in creating a more pleasant experience for clients. Take augmented reality, and how it enables businesses to offer easy fixes and solutions to customers’ problems; this technology, along with devices connected to the internet, allow experts to see exactly what the issue is, and therefore provide clear instructions that clients in need are able to follow without difficulty. On top if this, the environment benefits from a reduced number of house calls and an extended lifespan of products.   

Augmented and virtual reality can also be used so that clients are less likely to return products that they order; with the help of their smartphones, consumers can see exactly how pieces of furniture will fit into their homes and are even able to virtually try on clothes and accessories. And it doesn’t stop here, along with other technologies such as 5G, AR and VR will continue to contribute to an enhanced customer experience, as apps offer more and more features that take consumers on cutting-edge visual journeys.

Another sustainable technology that assists businesses in improving their customers’ satisfaction, is artificial intelligence. The latter is responsible for the emergence of chatbots, that offer 24/7 assistance in the form of answers to consumers’ questions, solutions or recommendations. But beyond the instant support that clients demand in this day and age, AI helps companies in offering consumers a more personalized experience, much to customer’s liking. Therefore, by receiving personalized recommendations, users can focus on products that they are in need of, without getting distracted.  

Then we have IoT sensors, that have proven to be especially useful in terms of energy savings. This technology does not only enable businesses to take more environmentally friendly actions, but it also offers consumers numerous advantages. The latter are able to track their parcels, after placing an online order, therefore seeing exactly when will they be able to receive packages or where their goods are located in case of an unexpected event or delay. IoT sensors are used for predictive maintenance as well; with the help of this technology, companies are able to predict malfunctions, and offer repairs before products breakdown. This means that product lifetime is increased, which contributes to sustainability.  


Businesses have started to implement sustainable technology, as a result of the growing concerns surrounding the wellbeing of future generations. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, the internet of things or smart sensors, are just some of the technologies that companies can use in order to become more environmentally sustainable. At the same time, these sustainable technologies go hand in hand with an enhanced customer experience, that is crucial for companies that wish to gain competitive advantage. If used correctly, sustainable technologies can contribute to the creation of appealing digital journeys, while businesses promote reusability, long-term planning, and responsibility.  

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