Outsourcing Boosts Innovation

Outsourcing Boosts Innovation
10 Sep 2019

Today, with the help of technology we can do things that were unheard just a few years ago, like paying with our smartphone and using 3D printers to create different parts of a body. Yet, as technology continues to develop, the scarcest and most valuable resource will be highly talented, innovative people.

Technology is all about innovation. And, in today’s world if you are left behind, you may never recover as trends will be way ahead of you. When it comes to software development, innovation is often left behind aspects related to price, procedures, location and, I cannot even begin to explain how wrong that is. Growth, development, improvement should be at the heart of all our efforts. We all know that outsourcing has been for some time now an efficient, results-oriented approach when it comes to software development as it can be cost-effective, fast, reliable and yes, boosting innovation.

Outsourcing Boosts Innovation

Businesses that choose to outsource their software development needs are more likely to innovate than those who choose to develop everything in-house. And the explanation here is quite simple. When you are developing exclusively in-house you only have access to those resources, which can be limited. When you choose to outsource you have a fresh perspective together with fresh new minds from different environments and cultures that can bring immense contributions to your projects.

The successful exploitation of new ideas is of an extreme importance for businesses, as it allows them to improve their processes and their profitability. When efficiency is increased, it is possible to bring new, improved and innovative products and services to market faster than ever before.

The purpose of outsourcing is to deliver technology innovation to their business partners. Businesses that still consider outsourcing only in terms of cost reduction and availability of resources, are missing out on the best parts of this approach, and that is challenging their extended team to deliver their best possible work and being part of the innovative process.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Outsourcing Report, 72% of IT respondents engage in outsourcing, and 28% use outsourcing to access intellectual capital.

When companies choose to focus on developing future innovative products, they have the option to select strategic, flexible, highly skilled engineers as agile team extensions. Companies need to be aware of the downsides of outsourcing and always be selective regarding to their chosen provider. Choosing the right software outsourcing partner makes the difference between the timely delivery of a successful product and a difficult, resource consuming relationship beyond repair.


Innovation should be part of any business’ strategy. Innovation has been identified as a critical success factor for increased market competitiveness, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labor, improved quality to product and service innovation. Accessing experienced developers via IT outsourcing allows companies to address widespread talent shortages – an issue that is currently plaguing companies of all sizes.

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