Partnership for education with Mathematics University

Partnership for education with Mathematics University
18 Mar 2016

Our colleagues Radu, Bogdan, and Andrei are teaching a 1 semester course, called Javascript & NodeJS, at Bucharest University, Mathematics and Computer Science Department.
The course comprises of an 1h lecture and 2h of practical, hands-on work and tackles topics related to server-side Javascript and web development in general using such technologies.

It aims at presenting the fundamental and unique multi-paradigm concepts of Javascript programming.
The syllabus of the lectures covers key aspects such as callbacks, event-driven programming and closures, presented in the context of NodeJS, a server-side tehnology.

Partnership for education with Mathematics University

During the practical part of the course, students learn to develop small web applications using NodeJS, which lay the groundwork for extending to something more complex: a small shopping-cart application, a webchat etc.

At the end of the semester students will present a fully functional web application (which they get to choose and draft the specifications).

Our partnership with Mathematics University goes back in time, as we had multiple collaborations over the years. It is our way of giving something back to the community by raising future talents.

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