Teleworking in challenging times

Teleworking in challenging times
16 Mar 2020

Teleworking, also called telecommuting or remote work, means working from home or remotely using modern technology and telecommunications to remain in touch with your employer, colleagues, business and clients. Teleworking has been around since the 1970s and its popularity increased in the last decade as more and more companies choose this approach.

Teleworking is not only used when you decide to save on office rent expenses and in order to save commute time. Epidemics and times of crisis change the way we work. If in the case of an unforeseen event, like we’re dealing today with the new coronavirus, Covid-19, companies need to be prepared and have proper systems in place that will allow them to seamlessly continue their activity remotely. A lack of good management response plans in a crisis, together with weak digital systems and operational processes can seriously affect a company in the case of an unforeseen event.

Teleworking in challenging times

In order for teleworking to be successful you need to plan ahead. Make processes and policies clear, prepare employees in terms of mindsets, leadership, management and collaboration and check infrastructure, both physical and technological.

Technology – adapting to changing environments

The idea of promoting flexible and mobile working environments is possible due to the maturity of the current technology we are surrounded by today. With the help of technology, we can easily control businesses functions from a distance, maintain a consistent level of communication and avoid any delays related to project completion or delivery.


Teleworking is dependent on fast, reliable, consistent connections. Make sure that all systems are in place, that technology is effective, efficient, operates consistently and allows all employees to perform their daily tasks without any delays. IT department involvement and support are critical for teleworking. Both hardware and software components are of extreme importance. Set VPN’s in place as well as client connections and always have multiple backup systems prepared.

Remote working software

Technology advancements have made possible teleworking for years. Nowadays, with the right software and a good internet connection people perform their jobs from anywhere in the world. Having access to and knowing how to use the right software makes teleworking a safe option for any company. Example of remote working software: Slack, Trello, GitHub, Google Docs.

Remote communication

When deciding is time for teleworking, setting up online communication systems is crucial. Thanks to modern tools and technologies, daily work can be performed from any device connected to the internet. Online meetings, virtual calls and videoconferencing are all convenient and necessary. Although remote work can seem easy, it implies a new relationship between team members as with distance comes the need for a higher level of communication.


Although the last in this list, testing is of utmost importance. After planning and implementing the teleworking scenario it is highly important to test that everything is working as it should be. Make sure that all employees understand all processes, can access the systems remotely and that your infrastructure has the capacity to support the workload.


In times of crisis and not only, teleworking is a viable approach. We are living in a technology based working environment and this allows us to perform our daily tasks regardless of location. Any time there will be a challenge to operational continuity, it’s important to have an organized, flexible and tested remote work system in place. This will not only keep you and your team members safe, but it will also avoid any financial blockages linked to delayed or undelivered projects.

Here, at Arnia, we believe in the power of technology, the benefits it brings along and on how it influences our day to day life. As a digital transformation company, we are offering a full range of digital transformation consulting services and the opportunity the use new technologies for you and your company, with a faster, better and more innovative impact.

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