Underrated Software Development Trends 2021

Software Development Trends 2021
17 May 2021

Today more than ever, businesses have come to the realization that the only way that they could keep up with their clients’ needs and, at the same time, with their competitors, is by digitally transforming on all levels. So, it comes as no surprise, that the software development trends of 2021 all revolve around recently developed technologies, that have made their presence increasingly felt in all the areas of our lives.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain have made the headlines and have kept the interest of CEOs and IT specialists awake, but what about the software development trends that are being less talked about, and that aren’t closely tied to these popular technologies?

Software Development Trends 2021

Take the low-code technologies. Their increasing popularity is a direct result of the talent shortage that businesses are confronted with in this day age, and that seems to become harder and harder to ignore. Given the fast pace that best describes technologies’ development, specialists are difficult to find, and even more difficult to train. That is why low-code or no-code technologies have been gaining ground in the IT industry and will continue to, most likely, in the following years. This type of technology enables companies to create and launch software applications in a shorter time, and without the expertise of a programmer, making this technique one of the trends of 2021, but that hasn’t been given the attention it deserves.  

When it comes to software architecture, 2021 will and has already begun to seen an increase in the use of serverless computing; companies seem to prefer it over microservice or monolithic architectures, as the latter are considered by some to be outdated or far too complex. In contrast with these aforementioned techniques, serverless architecture can be viewed as having a more simplified approach, where the developer only has the responsibility of writing code, whereas the service provider handles all activities related to the server.

Another underrated trend that sets out to rule businesses’ agendas in 2021, is that surrounding user experience. Software development has shifted its focus towards enhancing usability for quite some time, but it has never been such a high priority until now. In the era where customers dictate change, achieving a high level of clients’ satisfaction is what every company strives for. And in this sense, developers will have to put in extra efforts and come up with innovative ideas in order to set their projects apart from the rest. Minimalist design, voice user interfaces, animations, or 3D elements are just some of the solutions that can be integrated in software development for the purpose of attracting and keeping clients coming back for more.

And of course that we cannot talk about software development trends, without mentioning the most popular programming languages of the moment. You might have already guessed that JavaScript and Python will be maintaining their place among the preferred ones, but large companies have already started to seriously invest in programming languages that you might not even have heard about. Kotlin, Go, and Rust are some of the development languages that we will see and hear about a lot in 2021, and that seem to have a bright future, due to their attractive features. They’re efficient, enable specialists to code quicker and build user friendly apps easily.


It is clear that companies that wish to succeed in the competitive environment in which being up to date with all that is new and innovative is mandatory, have to keep up with current trends. In the software development world, artificial intelligence, machine learning or blockchain aren’t the only technologies upon which businesses should focus their attention. Instead, they should take trends revolving no-code technologies, serverless architecture, or less traditional programming languages such as Rust or Kotlin, very seriously, before their competitors do, and use them to their advantage.

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