Arnia ChessIT Club’s Women Team Competes in the Romanian Chess Super League

Arnia ChessIT Club's Female Team Competes in the Romanian Chess Super League
27 Sep 2023

We are proud to announce that the women chess team from Arnia ChessIT Club is taking part in the prestigious Romanian Chess Super League, which started on September 23rd and will end on September 29nd. The competition is held in Eforie Nord and features seven clubs from across the country.

The Romanian Chess Super League is the highest level of chess competition in Romania, and it is organized by the Romanian Chess Federation. The competition consists of nine rounds for the men teams and seven rounds for the women teams. The winners will be determined by the number of points they accumulate throughout the rounds.

Arnia ChessIT Club's Female Team Competes in the Romanian Chess Super League

The chess competition is disputed between the clubs listed below, that have converged to demonstrate their skill on the checkered battlefield.

  • ACS Arnia Chess IT
  • CS Stud Medicina Timișoara
  • CS U.V. Timișoara
  • CSM Iași 2020
  • CSM Sighetu Marmației
  • CSU ASE București
  • CSU Ploiești

With a perfect blend of experience and enthusiasm, our team is all set to make its mark in this challenging contest, and because behind every great team there’s a guiding force, we’re proud to announce that our team is accompanied by Grandmaster Vladislav Nevednicii, as coach and mentor.

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 29th, the day when the winners will be announced.

Join us in supporting and cheering for the women chess players from Arnia ChessIT Club as they make their mark in the Romanian Chess Super League. We’re excited to see their dedication, skill, and passion shine through every move they make. Stay tuned for updates on their remarkable journey in this prestigious competition.