How IoT Helps Various Industries

23 Sep 2021

Internet of Things: the technology that, since its beginnings in the early 80s, has unraveled new ways in which we can conduct our life. How? Well, IoT works by connecting physical objects, with the help of an internet connection and multiple sensors, making it possible for them to communicate and share information with the outside environment. As a result, the data that is collected and analyzed by means of IoT technology, can be used to make our surroundings safer, our health better, and our quality of life reach new heights.

And IoT has not only changed the way we interact with “things” and the way that they interact with each other, but it has also made a significant impact on various industries. Thanks to the Internet of Things, industries such as healthcare, agriculture or transportation, have seen important transformations and have made remarkable progress.


But let’s take them one by one.

IoT in Healthcare

When it comes to the healthcare industry, IoT has made its presence felt so strongly, that the term “Internet of Medical Things” has arisen. These IoMT devices have made it possible for people who live in areas that are hard to reach, or that are far away from any health center, to seek medical attention and receive the care that they need. Together with video calling, such devices assist healthcare workers in giving medical advice and consultations remotely, and make telehealth feasible.

For patients that need monitoring after an intervention, or that suffer from chronic diseases, having access to IoMT tools and wearables, can result in faster recovery and can help them leave quicker from medical centers in order to go and rest at home. Such wearables can even save our lives; in the case of an emergency, or if devices detect a dangerous situation in the form of a suspicious change in vital signs, where patients’ lives can be at risk, medical help is immediately requested.

But patients aren’t the only ones who benefit from IoT, the medical staff does too. Given that IoMT tools monitor their patients’ health all throughout the day and through the night, specialists are able to give more accurate diagnoses, can make more informed decisions, and have a wider perspective on situations.

IoT in Agriculture

The Internet of Things helps agriculture as well. IoT powered sensors that are being placed in farming regions, collect data about the soil and its needs, giving farmers valuable insights on the state of their crops. Moreover, by means of IoT, farming activities, such as watering, planting seeds or even monitoring crops, can be done even in harsh conditions, that would otherwise prevent agricultural laborers from successfully completing their tasks.

On top of this, IoT helps with waste too; resources in the agriculture sector are put to more efficient use and farmers can keep better track of existing and needed seeds, chemicals, and other supplies.

And the positive influence that the Internet of Things has in agriculture does not stop here; it goes on to the cattle. Livestock farmers are able to see their cattle’s whereabouts easily and monitor their health with the help of IoT sensors and devices.

IoT in Transportation

In transportation, IoT’s influence is increasingly visible, as major investments are being made in this sector for a few years now, and are expected to grow even more in the years to come. This technology has made roads safer and traffic management more efficient by means of IoT sensors that provide information regarding road and weather conditions, the number of vehicles, or the speed and routes of trains.

In addition, such sensors, that some vehicles are equipped with, can provide meaningful data to drivers; given that, in many cases, information on the vehicle’s state can be crucial and can prevent unwanted events. But even in such situations, IoT can come to the rescue with smart accident assistance, that make drivers’ lives easier.


The Internet of Things has helped and continues to help various industries advance and digitally transform. The healthcare industry, agriculture sector, and transportation field, are just some of the areas where IoT has been adopted, providing great results. This technology has proven itself useful and has assisted healthcare professionals in giving better medical advice, has facilitated patients’ recovery, has helped farmers save their crops, has improved passenger safety, and has even contributed to the protection of the environment.

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