How Quantum Computing Will Impact Industries

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Industries
16 Jan 2023

The origins of the quantum concept date back to the late 19th century, however, it wasn’t until 1998 that the first 2-qubit quantum computer was created, by Neil Gershenfeld, Mark Kubinec, and Isaac Chuang, three researchers from MIT, UC Berkeley, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This machine was able to solve quantum algorithms, such as the quantum search algorithm, or Grover’s algorithm, which represented a true breakthrough at the time, as classical computers cannot even come close to performing such operations. Later, in 2011, D-Wave Systems began producing the first commercially available quantum computer, thus opening the door to new opportunities and advancements in the field.  

In the last few years, quantum computing, although a relatively newly emerged field of science, has shown its great potential of being a disruptive technology, but what industries will be benefiting most from it?

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Industries

Quantum computing is set to transform the medical world and pharmaceutical industry

Processes surrounding drug development, testing, and research are extremely complex and require considerable amounts of time and energy, as clinical trials can be lengthy and quite costly, however, quantum computing is ready to revolutionize this area. In this sense, the super-speed with which quantum computing comes with, will allow specialists to perform various experiments and conduct trials in a very short period of time, reducing the time that such operations would usually entail, by months or even years.

And accelerating clinical trials is not the only effect that quantum computing will have on healthcare, innovations go even further, as the technology will enable researchers to conduct tests in simulated virtual environments, where variables such as metabolism, circulation, or hormones, can be taken into account and analysed. What’s more, the great processing power that quantum computing brings, will allow for new discoveries and cures for diseases once considered incurable.     

Quantum-ready companies will thrive thanks to this disruptive technology

Businesses that reflect on adopting quantum computing solutions, will be tapping into new and exciting opportunities, and of the latter, we must mention those revolving around optimization. In this regard, quantum computing can be used to solve various logistic issues for instance, as this technology easily allows for complex analysis, that consider significant amounts of data and variables. Quantum computing is able to make sense of such information and deliver excellent solutions to even the most complex challenges.

Furthermore, by blessing companies with the possibility of analysing data faster and in a more accurate manner, quantum computing solutions will also be helping businesses increase their revenue, since identifying the right sales and marketing strategies will become effortless. And it doesn’t stop there, since businesses will have the opportunity to make better decisions regarding investments, and distribute profits in an efficient way, so that they make the most of their invested capital.  

Finance will be taking advantage of quantum computing in the years to come

Banks and financial institutions have already been exploring the many benefits of quantum computing, and have seen outstanding results. Transactions can be performed in a significantly lower amount of time, and costs can be minimized, thanks to quantum computers.  

When it comes to security, quantum computing will be assisting banks and financial institutions in strengthening their security strategies, and offering clients high-quality, secure services, much to their liking. By implementing these disruptive solutions, processes surrounding fraud detection will be given an important upgrade, as the new techniques use pattern recognition algorithms, that traditional computers would normally have a difficult time solving. As a result, suspicious activities can be easily recognized, and immediate actions can be taken to avoid security breaches or financial loss.    


Lists of top technology-related trends have been placing quantum computing on leading positions in the last few years, as this technology holds tremendous potential to revolutionize the sectors that it’s making its way into. The healthcare scene can use these innovative solutions to shorten the time of clinical trials, and gain a wider perspective on various diseases and drug action, while the financial world can use quantum computing to enhance security and lower costs. Businesses can make great use of these quantum-computing-powered strategies as well, using them to optimize processes and increase revenues.

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