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Full-stack .Net Developer

We are looking for a talented Full-Stack .NET Developer to join our Development division. The ideal candidate will excel in back-end development, testing, and security, with a touch of front-end expertise.


  • Develop server-side applications using C#, .NET, NodeJS.
  • Design and implement distributed systems in Microsoft Azure, with a strong understanding of Domain Driven Design.
  • Develop and integrate SaaS solutions, specifically Auth0, with a thorough understanding of the OAuth protocol.
  • Use testing tools and frameworks, particularly, to ensure high-quality code.
  • Implement secure coding practices and effective security measures, particularly in authentication and data protection.
  • Ensure the security of the Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.
  • Handle small tasks of front-end development using JavaScript / VueJS / TypeScript, and CSS/SASS.
  • Work in a dynamic environment, continuously updating based on customer feedback and regulatory requirements.


  • Proven experience as a Full-Stack Developer with a focus on .NET technologies.
  • Experience with Azure DevOps and distributed systems in Azure.
  • Knowledge of Domain Driven Design and developing SaaS solutions.
  • Experience with testing frameworks and tools, especially
  • Deep understanding of secure coding practices and SSO technologies.
  • Familiarity with Auth0 and OAuth protocol.
  • Skilled in front-end technologies (Vue.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS/SASS).
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment and adapt to continuous feedback.
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international work experience
flexible working hours
attractive projects
learning through Arnia Academy
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At Arnia, we are a diverse and passionate team of software development engineers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, system administrators, and managers, united by our shared dedication to creating high-quality software solutions and delivering exceptional services to our valued customers and partners.

We believe in customer satisfaction as being the single most important goal we want to achieve in everything we do. But we also believe that we can reach this goal while having fun at work, making friends, and enjoying working together. We have game evenings, nights out and team building events to help us know each other better and spend quality time together. Also, we have a flat organization, with no unnecessary hierarchies and where you reach the management easily.

In Arnia you will meet very skilled software engineers with rich academicals background, with passion for innovation and continuous education, self-driven and oriented toward results. At the same time, they are people with high sense of humour, fun and informal, that value friendship, trust and a nice working environment.

Excellence is achieved step by step, it is a journey we always take together as a team and as a modern organization.

We recognize the value of each individual, we value diversity and we support your development career – your success is our success! We take pride in helping our people to develop their career, continuously improving their skills and their technical knowledge and to fully reach their own development goals.


People are different, they are coming from various cultures and are motivated by different things:

  • The financial interests
  • The career development plan
  • The technologies and the projects
  • The work-life balance
  • The opportunities to travel abroad

Why Arnia?

We recognize people’s diversity and we try to meet everyone’s goals.

  • Game Evenings
  • Nights Out
  • Team Buildings
  • Trainings

Arnia encourages you to pursuit your own interests, projects and ideas – passion can turn small things into big things – we want to be part of your own individual success. Let us know your ideas and your personal interests and we will find a way to support you.

Relocation Package
Competitive Compensation Packages
Flexible Working Hours
Job Rotation
Performance Bonuses
Medical Benefits

Not the least, we have class A offices, located in Piata Victoriei – Europa House building, next to the metro stations and to other transportation means. It is very easy to get to work and you will enjoy the quality and the lifestyle of our offices.

Attractive Projects
International Work Experience
Referral Program
Learning Through Arnia Academy

And if you like all these, why don’t you join us?


Whatever role you choose to pursue in our organization, as long as it aligns with our company goals and values, we will support you all the way. We provide for each employee:

  • A clear development plan for your career
  • Mentoring support, to help you grow in our organization
  • Customized trainings and courses
  • Periodical 1:1 meeting with your direct manager and upper management
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Constant feedback and career development support

Also, you will have the chance to mentor other people, to contribute to their growth and to help them with their career development. As a family, we support each other to achieve our best potential and to contribute better to the organization success.

In Arnia we need more than just excellent software engineers – we need highly skilled technical leaders, business analysts, and managers. And they are usually found within our own organization – they are people who showed great skills as individual contributors and choose to follow a leading role. Growing as a leader requires the development of specific skills, such as: people management, social awareness, self-awareness and leadership vision. If you are up to the challenge, we will support you and we will provide the best opportunities to show your talent and dedication.


And if you choose to be a full-time individual contributor, you will get the chance to develop your engineering skills, enrich your technical knowledge and promote to senior levels – it’s up to you and us to find together the best path for your career.

I joined the Arnia team in 2011 on the XpressEngine project (PHP based CMS, most popular in South-East Asia) and now I’m leading the team that develops our own CMS, Karybu. Also, our PHP team is involved in a lot more projects on different technologies ranging from Magento to WordPress and from Zend Framework to Symfony2.Dan D., PHP Tech Lead @ Arnia

Recruitment process 

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