Smartsourcing – The New Outsourcing

Smartsourcing - the new Outsourcing
5 Jan 2021

From time to time a new buzzword emerges in the business world and for some time now, smartsourcing has started to become an important part in the vocabulary of companies looking after smarter and more efficient ways to outsource their projects.

So what is smartsourcing and why is it SMART to use?

Smartsourcing - the new Outsourcing

Smartsourcing, also known as intelligent outsourcing, can be defined as an advanced approach to outsourcing, in which the relationship between the service provider and the hiring company is highly complex. Apart from lowering costs, which represents the main focus of traditional outsourcing, smartsourcing aims to increase innovation and improve the hiring business’ internal processes. It is for this reason that intelligent outsourcing is deemed to be a strategic decision, and a new and improved way of outsourcing.

So how does smartsourcing actually work?

Well, it all begins with identifying the core and non-core activities of the contracting company; and this can be done with help of the smartsourcing partner, if needed. Non-core operations usually consume the most assets, whether it’s time or management resources, these activities can burden and distract specialists, who otherwise, can direct their energy towards more important tasks.

After determining the non-essential operations, the actual process of smartoutsourcing can begin, in the sense that these activities will be the subject of collaboration between vendor and contracting company. Moreover, the smartsourcing partner will enhance already existing procedures, bring innovation and optimize the hiring business’ processes. By doing this, the contracting party will not only see an increase in effectiveness, but a reduction of costs as well.

When it comes to the relationship between the smartsourcing services provider and its client, we can state that it is quite special. Aligned objectives, an open communication, and seamless collaboration are some of the characteristics that define such a partnership. The hiring company and its vendor must trust each other and be willing to cooperate, as both risks and rewards are shared between the two. They will also be making decisions and will be solving problems together, in which case the contracting business’ wellbeing must prevail.
This type of relationship, which is not necessarily typical to the traditional way of outsourcing, enables the smartsourcing partner to add value to the hiring organization. The contracted party and its client share the same vision, and the remote developers and specialists are totally focused on delivering the best results and boosting innovation.


Smartsourcing is really just outsourcing that has been taken to another level. Businesses that resort to intelligent outsourcing are making a decision that will positively affect their growth and internal processes. By delegating non-core activities to specialized companies, hiring organizations will have more time and energy that they can direct towards essential operations, and furthermore, towards innovating and enhancing their business model, internal processes, customer care, and the actual products and services that they offer.

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