Why you should invest in mobile app development

Why you should invest in mobile app development
19 Mar 2018

This year, the mobile app ecosystem turns 10. Back in 2008 when the mobile app stores were launched who would have thought that in less than a decade, apps will become an indispensable part of our lives? From shopping to learning, from traveling to business, apps are there for us and the mobile app market continues to expand day by day. They have taken over on every possible area of our life and nowadays is crucial for any business to have a mobile app supporting its products and services.

Investing in a mobile app development is essential for the businesses’ growth. Let’s see now what the main reasons that support this investment are:

Why you should invest in mobile app development

1. Visibility

We are no longer looking at billboards, we have our eyes in our mobile phones and having a mobile app for your business makes it easier for your brand to be seen by your clients. You are literally in their pockets at a distance of a tap. Mobile apps give your customers the possibility to access all they need from your business anywhere, anytime.

2. Global reach

Mobile apps let you go global. There are no time and no boundaries constraints when using the app and your clients can check for your services and products anytime and anywhere. Moreover, reaching a global audience and connecting with customers from all over the world, you can increase your opportunities for business growth and market expansion.

3. Easy to use and time saving

Let’s face it, we have our mobile phones with us at all times and if we see a good deal in the middle of the night we are ready to purchase it. If we are low on credit, we don’t go to the bank, we use our internet banking application. If we are on the go, we check the next train and traffic information. Mobile apps help us save a lot of time, they make most of our daily processes easier and we can’t simply imagine living without some of our most useful apps.

4. Loyalty

Mobile apps allow you to stay in contact and interact with your clients easier. You can use push notifications to let them know about your latest offerings or involve them in a rewards program. Make sure you provide them with an excellent experience every time and they will come back. Engaging with your customers is very important and mobile apps are an efficient way for your customers to communicate with you or your staff. Offer a positive experience and build a good relationship with your clients.

5. Brand recognition

Mobile apps can do wonders for your brand as it reminds people of the company, the brand and the services it offers. Just publishing your app in the app stores leads to more customers. Make sure that the user’s experience is a good one, that you properly present your company’s values and that your advertising is not too aggressive. A great developed mobile app will leave a lasting impression on its users and it will help you grow your brand’s recognition.

6. Increase sales

Mobile apps have changed the way people shop online, online shopping now is easier than ever and mobile transactions are growing year by year. Customers can make now more informed decisions, they can view products and reviews before making a purchase. A good customer service and a user friendly app focused on providing customers with the information they are looking for is the best practice to drive more sales.

7. Apps are addictive

Let’s admit it. We all are to an extent addicted to our mobile phones. We love using our favorite apps. Be it shopping, social media, fitness or photo apps, we are hooked. Convenience and flexibility are the driving factors why more and more people are using mobile apps. Our mobile phone is no longer just a communication device, but it also serves as a guide when making purchase decisions, a tool of entertainment and a source of information.


In today’s competitive market, if you want to have a strong presence in your industry and stay on top of your competition, if you want your customers to be return customers and not one time shoppers then you should invest in mobile app development.

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