Why Startups Should Consider Nearshore Software Development in Romania

The Advantages of Nearshore Software Development in Romania for Startups
25 Apr 2023

Embracing a nearshore outsourcing approach is a smart move for businesses, and even more so for startups. Beginning a new venture with limited resources can be overwhelming, especially when there are essential tasks, like developing core competencies, that require significant time and effort. By outsourcing to a nearby location, startups can effectively manage their workload and focus on driving business growth without compromising quality.

When it comes to supporting startups in achieving their goals and sustaining growth, the aid of nearshore software development services is crucial. These services can provide a much-needed helping hand, but selecting the right nearshore destination is key to ensuring desired outcomes are met. With the right choice of country, startups can tap into the expertise of skilled professionals who can help them thrive in today’s competitive market.

The Advantages of Nearshore Software Development in Romania for Startups

And this is where Romania comes into the picture, as a preferred nearshore destination, that offers startups unrivalled benefits; so, let’s explore some of these major advantages and see exactly why companies, at their early startup phases, should consider delegating their software development projects to Romania.   

Turning to nearshore software development services, provided by specialized Romanian outsourcing companies, can help startups reduce operating expenses.

Nearshore represents a cost-effective solution, that allows startups to direct most of their budget towards essential activities and processes, especially revolving around the company’s expansion. In this sense, outsourcing partners will be relieving their clients of costs surrounding hiring processes, full-time employees’ salaries, training, office spaces, or insurance, as they will be the ones handling recruitment, accounting and even legal matters. What’s more, startups that decide to outsource software development projects to Romania, will not be compelled to invest in costly additional equipment, since their outsourcing partners will be providing access to advanced tools and technologies, as part of their arrangement.  

More time to focus on core activities represents yet another benefit of nearshore software development to Romania.

We have already touched upon the financial aspects of the tedious recruitment process, but we must also draw attention to the increased time that it involves. In this regard, considering that Romanian outsourcing partners will be managing all hiring procedures, providing companies with the right teams for the successful completion of their projects, contracting startups will be able to concentrate on core activities. And more time to focus on essential tasks, translates into more innovative ideas and consequently, superior products and services. Furthermore, given that Romanian developers have a vast experience in working with global companies, hiring startups can expect to see their delegated tasks and projects take shape right away, without any delay, from the moment work begins.

By delegating projects and tasks to outsourcing companies in Romania, startups can access talented, skilled professionals.

Apart from the experience that they have with global companies, that we have mentioned earlier, Romanian developers are also known for their excellent technical skills, as well as for their soft skills. Java, CSS, DevOps, Python, C#, HTML, JavaScript, and React are some of the programming languages that Romanian developers are familiar with, in addition to which new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or blockchain, can be mentioned as part of their knowledge. Startups looking to acquire nearshore software development services in Romania, must also know that most professionals residing here speak advanced English, and are no strangers to languages like French, German, Spanish or Italian.

Another advantage of nearshore software development in Romania for startups, is that related to the available infrastructure.

Romanian outsourcing companies are equipped with the latest tools, technologies and networks, therefore startups outsourcing software development to Romania will be enjoying the benefit of having a team that is prepared and has the necessary resources to take on even the most complex projects immediately. Moreover, when it comes to network infrastructure, Romania was ranked best 4th country in the world regarding high speed broadband Internet connection, which represents a perk that startups might want to bear in mind when choosing their nearshore destination.

The excellent quality-price ratio that Romania offers startups looking to acquire nearshore software development services, is an important advantage that mustn’t be overlooked.

Last, but certainly not least, we need to turn our attention to the unrivalled quality-price ratio that Romania has to offer, and that startups are always eager to find. In terms of prices, the IT outsourcing average rates in Romania range from 50 to 70 dollars per hour, making the country an affordable nearshore destination. At the same time, Romania offers high-quality software development services, that can address the needs of any company that has just begun its journey, helping them successfully bring their ideas to life.


The reduced operating expenses, unparalleled quality-price ratio, ready-made infrastructure, extra time to focus on core activities, and the access to talented and experienced professionals, are some of the most appealing advantages of nearshore software development in Romania for startups. The latter’s every need can efficiently be addressed by Romanian outsourcing companies, making Romania one of the top nearshore destinations.

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